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Jaunt in Jerash

Ever heard of Jerash, Jordon? No? Good, that makes two of us, at least until July 2017 when I quite accidentally ventured upon one of the most underrated historical and archaeological sites in the world (at least in my opinion). Located to the north of Amman, the visit to Jerash was among the most memorable experiences from my six weeks in the Middle East, which is astounding considering it almost didn't happen.

My impromptu trip to Jordan was born one night, attempting to escape the heat on a rooftop in northern Israel. As we lay on our backs, gazing at the stars, the conversation turned towards weekend travel, specifically a weekend trip to Jordan to see the ancient city of Petra. A couple of girls had gone a week before and could scarcely contain their enthusiasm for the sights they had seen, the people they had encountered, and the tastes they had savored. Their words wove an enticing tapestry in the night air, calling me to find a way, some way to also experience the wonder a…

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