The Perfect Cafe con Leche

It's MLK day in post racism Georgia, so I'm enjoying a day off from school, relishing the result of white guilt and affirmative action. I'm having a delicious breakfast consisting of a gluten free raisin bagel and a delicious casein and lactose free latte, or cafe con leche. Ah, cafe con leche. So much better than the dirty water Americans persistently (but mistakenly) call coffee. I will now share how to make the most delicious breakfast beverage- start with strong Cuban must be fresh. Combine with one part rice milk and three parts goat's milk (just add milk if you are not allergic to milk). Add one teaspoon of real sugar, stir and enjoy. MMMmm I'm having mine right now as the early morning sun shines in through the kitchen windows and makes a cheerful pattern on the floor. Today is going to be a good day.


  1. Que descarada - ¡te quiero tanto!

  2. Actually, the above comment was from Papi!

  3. Promise if you drink Raw Milk at my house, you wont be allergic, and then and only then will you have the perfect cafe con leche!!!!

    te quiero
    TIA L

  4. We are curious, but not yet convinced, to try going gf/cf. Maybe you can blog about your experiences with this... pros and cons, what you miss the most. What you've discovered in the process. LOVE YOU!


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